The evolution of technology has brought with it many benefits to the world. The education sector is one of the many fields that is availing these benefits. Information technology in education is not merely an option rather it has become a necessity.


Essentiality Of Information Technology in Education

The internet is full of different learning materials for the students to consult from. There are different articles, video tutorials, book pdf, notes that a student can access by using the internet.

This shows how technology provides easy access to learning material.

Virtual learning is a huge benefit of information technology in which teachers conduct classes through video conferencing. The PTAs can also be conducted through video conferencing for the busy parents making the teacher-parent interaction easy.

Another use of technology is remote learning. Technology enables users to access data remotely at a larger distance. Students can submit their assignments while sitting at home and give online assessments and papers. Use of technology has processed everything making working easy for both the teachers and the students.

Technology enables teachers and students to save their data in a systematic and secure way. When working manually there can be a lot of damage to the data whereas technology maintains records effectively

Discussion forums are now common on many platforms that enable many students to share their knowledge and discuss a specific topic. This also encourages a healthy debate if there is a contradiction in a point and erases confusion.

Covid-19 and Technology benefits

The pandemic that hit us in 2019 had a huge impact worldwide where the world faced a lot of casualties and the economy worldwide had suffered a great loss. Amidst the severe lockdown, technology came in handy because it enabled users to work remotely. The lockdown constricted the students to their homes and no physical education was possible. During this time, the education sector had to turn completely towards technology as no other option was left and this had a huge impact on the enhancement of its use.


Ayesha Wadood

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