Situation Of Literacy In Pakistan

Education is an important factor in one’s grooming and it is necessary to lead a Nation to success. However, situation of literacy in Pakistan is declining day by day. Currently, the literacy rate in Pakistan lies approximately at 58%. Which as a comparison to other countries is very low. Pakistan in terms of illiteracy is the second-highest country with out-of-school children. A major factor in this situation is however the increase in poverty and lack of parent interest in education.

Parents tend to put their children into earning through labor. Which results in wasting the child’s future. Another factor affecting education in Pakistan and damaging a child’s personality. It is the criteria and difference between the education provided in a public sector and a private sector.


The quality of education in the private educational institute is way better than that in the public institute. The neglect in education in a public institute with a bland curriculum leads to damaging a child’s personality even if there are no other barriers in between his education. On the other hand, there are a lot of taboos resulting in out-of-school children, especially females. Even if the parents can afford good education they tend not to because according to them it will lead their child to destruction.

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What Can Government Do To Improve Situation Of Literacy In Pakistan?

The Government must educate such people on the importance of education and what changes in lifestyle it can lead to. For the socio-economic stability of our Nation, Government must take action on a priority basis to lead this country to education. It must also take action for the quality of education in public institutes and make plans to eliminate poverty through welfare programs. Also, employment programs should be initiated, and equal job opportunities must be provided, eradicating nepotism from the roots of this country.

One of the most important things is to use Information Technology in Education to promote digital education in Pakistan. This will also revolutionize the education sector in Pakistan and will definitely improve the literacy in the country.

Let us all take the initiative to make good quality education possible and nourish our youth. Let us all take a step forward for the prosperity and success of our country, Pakistan.


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